Red Bike Marketing Resources

Easily calculate your NPS. Collect your responses and simply export your responses from the tool you use to collect them. Then, copy and paste them into the excel document you download here.

Download our calculator to easily and consistently calculate your NPS.

Easily build the foundation to scale your business globally. You will be able to take our template, and with all the listed countries of the world, organize how to treat your customers.

Download our template and easily organize your business to scale globally.

Easily build the foundation to build your sales territory. You will be able to use this template to organize your sales territory, plan your monthly outreach, and manage your customers as you acquire them.

Download our template and easily organize and increase your sales.

Marketers are storytellers. Your next marketing campaign should be shared in a storytelling format. Easily use this template to outline your next marketing campaign like a story.

Download our template a be a better storyteller today.

Establish a systematic process for evaluating tools and building your marketing technology stack. You will have a standardized process for evaluating tools that allows you to build marketing capabilities to empower your marketing team.

Download our marketing stack guide to ensure you build the capabilities for your marketing team.

Plan and execute better marketing campaigns. Walk through a structured process for defining your marketing campaign objective, what marketing channels you want to use, and how to execute on a timeline. All while knowing what KPIs you will report on.

Download our marketing campaign planner and execute better campaigns today.