What is Direct Marketing?

What is Direct Marketing?

Marketing that drives action, results, and sales is what marketers strive for. Being able to prove a positive ROI is directly helping growth and the business.

Direct marketing is an excellent channel to do that. By marketing directly to end users and driving end users to some action, it can be an effective channel to immediately drive results.

Here, we are going to take a look at direct marketing and how you can use it.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a marketing strategy which presents information about a company, product, or features directly to the end users. This is a form of marketing that does not use a middleman, such as a distributor or a retailer, to reach the target audience.

Direct marketing communicates directly with prospects or customers to drive a specific action. Thus, campaigns are directly, and immediately measurable, which is a key characteristic. The nature of generating a direct call to action with immediate results is a reason it is favored by marketers.

Using this strategy can be an effective in a company’s overall marketing strategy.

Types of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can utilize many channels and take various forms. The requirement is that the marketing message is communicated directly to end users. This has its benefits, which is why it’s a common strategy among marketers.

There are many types. Many of which can be used on their own. While others are best used in conjunction with other methods. Some common types are direct mail, email, online advertising, text messaging, telemarketing, brochures, social media marketing, and direct response mail.

Types of Direct Marketing

When considering using direct marketing, these are some of the channels that can be used. Though, this is not an exhaustive list. Direct marketing is effective, primarily because the company can directly communicate with their prospects and customers. As a result, there is complete control over the messaging.

Deciding the type to be used is about deciding the goal and the best way to reach your audience to achieve that goal.

Why use Direct Marketing?

The goal of direct marketing is to generate a specific action. Usually an immediate action. Thus, campaigns have a direct call to action and are immediately measurable.

So, using it is all about creating marketing campaigns that use a call to action to directly generate results. The reason to use it is to quickly generate an action and measure the results. It works well to create short term campaigns that are effective.

Marketers use employ the strategy to communicate directly with end users, control the message, directly generate an action, and immediately show results.

A Few Examples

There are countless examples we could look. There are good campaigns, bad campaigns, beautiful campaigns, and great campaigns.

For some inspiration, here are a few campaign examples.

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi, Founder of I Will Teach You to be Rich, is arguably one of the best copywriters in the business. That being said, he has also built I Will Teach You to be Rich entirely on direct email marketing.

Ramit Sethi Direct Marketing Example

With daily emails of high value content and a specific call to action, this is a perfect example of successful direct marketing. Also, it’s evidence that the channel still works and can work entirely with email.


Audi in Germany uses beautiful direct mailing campaigns. Both to sell cars and to sell service.

For cars, Audi sends beautiful catalogs that are worthy of being placed on your coffee table. Not only are these mailers designed for building awareness of new models, but they have call to actions within them. So, the mailers serve two purposes.

Audi Germany Direct Marketing Example

Then, Audi Germany also uses direct mail to book service appointments. With beautiful mailing campaigns and a call to action within the letters to book your next appointment.

Audi Germany effectively uses direct mail as one of their core channels.


Chanel Germany uses local direct mail campaigns to drive store visits when a new bag is released. The beautiful letters that are sent alert past customers of the new arrivals and that now is a great time to come visit the store.

Chanel Direct Marketing Example

With a store visit call to action, this is a great example of using direct mail to execute a direct marketing campaign.

These are just three examples of companies effectively using direct marketing to immediately drive results. Using various channels and various call to actions, deciding how its specific use entirely depends on your business objectives.

Direct marketing is a tried and true tactic. And, with more channels at our disposal, it can take many forms. It can be a great strategy as it drives immediate results and relies on creating action. Determine your business objectives and you can determine what activities might be right for you.